Bottom Board


Our Bottom Board is both attractive and functional


The screened floor has been a topic of debate in the Warre World. The argument goes like this: Because of the screened floor, we create a virtual oasis for wax moth larvae. the wax fragments that collect on the mite board make a perfect breeding & Feeding environment for these parasites. Therefore we should not have screened floors. To which I would respond, "That's great! That's exactly what I want to have happen. If the wax moth larvae are attracted to the residue on the mite board, then they'll stay right where we want them." The only requirement now is to insure that we make routine inspections of our mite board to clean off these critters.


Our Bottom Boards are constructed from full 1" thick lumber. They are screwed together with full 2" Stainless Steel Screws and Glued with Titebond III glue. They come complete with a Mite Board that sits just below the screened floor. They also feature a rotatable entrance that allows you to select between 2 different entrance sizes. The majority of the time you will most likely use the standard Warre-sized entrance of 1cm x 12cm. In times of dearth when robbing can be an issue, or overwintering when mice like to use the hive for winter, you have the option to rotate the entrance to 3 singular holes roughly 8mm each.