Complete Warre Hive - Eastern White Pine

Weight 55.00 LBS
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This is a Sweet Valley Hives-style Warre Hive that is constructed from Eatern White Pine. We offer this wood species for people who wish to add some creative color and flair to their Bee Yard. The Pine will be virtually knotless, smooth and ready for painting when you receive it - the limit is your own creativity. Like our cedar hives, the Pine version will include windows in all 3 hive boxes, and our proprietary top bars with wax-coated comb guides. 


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Chris Kohl's Warre Hives
Written by Susan on 27th Feb 2018

I just purchased my third hive from Chris and am even more impressed than I was with the first two. The new supers and sugar shims are great additions to an already superior hive. These hives honor the bees in that the design allows for monitoring the hive without disturbing or disrupting the bees. The quilt assists the bees in maintaining the hive temperature, even in subzero temperatures here in Montana. Thank you, Chris, for your dedication to the bees and bee keepers and for your wonderful educational videos.

Eastern White Pine Complete Warre Hive
Written by Alex Darling on 10th May 2016

I love this hive! I did a lot of research prior to ordering it and even entertained the idea of building one myself. This hive is beautifully crafted and incorporates everything I was looking for including some well thought out modifications (propolis screens, queen ring and PBS system!). In short, this hive is worth the purchase price. I would have spent more trying to building its equal. Introducing queened packaged bees was very easy using the queen ring and the viewing ports allow you to monitor their progress. There are two things I would like to note, 1. Perhaps an option to receive the roof unassembled to facilitate complete weatherproofing application. 2. The hardware used to secure the viewing port cover latches stripped out of the wood almost immediately. I plan to upgrade the hardware to an application specific type.