We discovered the Warre Hive design back in 2009. By the spring of 2010 we had constructed our first hive and were actively raising honeybees in our 2 oak-Plywood Warre Beehives. While we loved the design a few things became readily evident to us. There was room for improvement on this hive design. Now, a lot of Warre purists from all over the world (literally) have criticized me for trying to make the Warre a bit more user friendly - without sacrificing the natural construct that allows the bees to thrive in this design. I just don't subscribe to the overtly rigid "This is the way we've always done things" mentality. We have tried to develop some ideas which ended up on the scrap heap, but we truly feel that the innovations we are currently marketing help make the Warre experience better for the beekeeper, and perfectly natural for the Honeybee. We will be setting up individual tabs to allow you to explore and understand the design rationale behind the parts we manufacture.