Hive Box



The Sweet valley Hives Box has gone through a number of changes since we first began. Our original Hive Box was constructed of 3/4" Oak plywood we had leftover from a home project. They were constructed with butt joints, pin nails & glue and had no windows. The top bars were simple straight 1cm x 32cm slats and were pinned into place following the installation of the bees. I finished the exterior with Mineral Oil because I wanted something benign that would add a level of exterior protection.


Now our hive boxes are a full 1" thick Cedar or Pine. Every part of the hive box is 1" including the door that covers the window. They incorporate our proprietary PBS (Positive Bee Space) technology that uses hardwood castellated inserts to guarantee perfect bee space between top bars. We came up with the hardwood castellations after we noticed how fragile the cedar can be when faced with an overly-aggressive hive tool. 

Every one of our hive boxes comes complete with a full sized window made from 3/16" thick scratch resistant polycarbonate. Our Hive boxes are screwed & Glued using 1 1/2" and 2" Stainless Steel screws and Titebond III Glue. Our handles are blind screwed into the boxes from the inside for maximum strength. This is particularly important when lifting boxes with 40+ pounds of honey-laden comb.