About Us

We are a small family owned business located in Northeast Pennsylvania. We decided to turn our newly found hobby of beekeeping into the business of manufacturing Warre Hives. While there is no wrong way of keeping bees, the design and philosophy of the Warre method just appealed to us. It provides a place for the Honeybees to do what they've done for 10 million years, long before we decided to get involved. It is, in our opinion the truly natural way to keep Honeybees. Our mission at Sweet Valley Hives is to promote 2 things: Preservation and Pollination. Preservation of the Honeybee, and Pollination of our flowering plants - by the Honeybees we raise. The plight of the Honeybee is something with which many people are familiar. However the actual depth of the problem and the dire implications of a the Honeybee demise seems to be truly appreciated by those who raise these amazing little creatures. Beekeepers (affectionately referred to as "Beeks") have discovered the wonders of being a part of this intricate community. They have discovered the quiet pleasure of sitting near their hives and watching as their "girls" go about their appointed tasks. Most of us, unfortunately, have also felt the deep pain of discovering that the colony we've watched with a sense of awe, has somehow vanished without a trace.  It is not hard to imagine that whenever man tries to interject himself into nature, he usually causes more problems than he aims to solve. Honeybees are one of the few parts of nature that actually invite us in to be a part of their existence. They respond very well to being provided a place to stay and raise their children. We are rewarded with  crop yields we could not possibly achieve on our own, and more honey than we could possibly consume in a year.

Sweet Valley Hives hopes to raise awareness of the Honeybee, it's gentle disposition, and the immeasurable rewards that will be ours if we accept the invitation from mother nature to embrace this marvelous little creature. Thank you for visiting our site to all Beeks, and future Beeks!

Chris & Eileen Kohl