Propolis Screen



Our initial Warre Hive design didn't quite follow the directions (men don't read directions). In haste I built my first 2 Warre hives and failed to see the part about separating the quilt box from the colony. Shortly after installation, while checking on my hives I noticed bees exiting the hive covered in sawdust. My first thought was "where the heck are they getting into sawdust?" DOH! I pulled off the roof and saw dozens of bees foraging around in the sawdust. What a mess!! It took me quite a while to clean it all up and realize that I had missed a critical component. 


What we developed is a sheet of 8-mesh galvanized steel screen mounted to a 1cm thick frame. 8-mesh is a descriptive term for screen that is comprised of 1/8" square holes. It is placed on top of the top hive box to form a barrier between the bees and the quilt box. The bees will actively propolize the screen that is exposed between the top bars. We include 2 screens with every order so you can always have a clean screen to place on the bees. It is worth noting that the 8-mesh construct will allow small hive beetle passage to make beetle traps effective in the upper portion of the hive where beetles are most likely to congregate.