Queen Ring



This is a product that was born of a failure. On our first Warre installation we had not considered the question of where do we place the queen box? We quickly realized that the cage does not hang between the top bars like it does between the frames of a langstroth hive. There was but one option, place the queen cage in the bottom of the box (on top of the top bars of the middle box) dump the bees in and hope for the best. With no windows in our initial hive we had no way of knowing when, or even if the queen had been released. There had to be a better way.


What we developed was a simple spacer that is placed between the top 2 boxes. The spacer has a cutout designed to accept a standard 3-hole Benton box. The queen ring gives you the ability to closely monitor the queen's release while giving you access to the queen cage - all the while visible from a window in the back of the box. Following the release of the queen we supply a plug to replace the queen cage. During the season the plug can be removed to facilitate an upper entrance if you wish.