Queen Ring with Plug

Weight 1.00 LBS
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Our Proprietary Queen Ring, incredibly simple in design but virtually indespensible in its function.

The Queen Ring allows for easy insertion and removal of the queen cage found in your standard 3# Bee package. When installed you are afforded the view (from the windows in the hive boxes) of the queen being released. Remove the queen cage, replace with the plug and you now have a separate/optional top entrance. 

Without this simple device you are left to deconstructing your hive and lifting multiple boxes in order to install, inspect, and eventually remove the queen cage - a process that can unitentionally spell the demise of numerous workers as you put your hive back together.

Outer dimensions are 35cm x 35cm (appox 14" x 14")

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Works wonderfully
Written by Meagan on 13th Mar 2016

This is my second Queen ring because the first worked so well in my Sweet Valley hive. I was able to insert the queen easily when installing my bee package and remove the empty queen box after she joined the rest of the bees. An additional benefit of the queen ring was that the bees did not connect the comb between the two boxes; I think it was due to the extra spacing. All Sweet Valley products have been wonderful!