Quilt box

Not much to crow about with a wooden box containing wood shavings, but our quilt boxes are constructed with 3/4" thick pine. We use the thinner wood here to maximize the surface area of the insulated cloth. Our quilt boxes are unique in their design as we incorportate a 1cm shim around the bottom to keep the cloth elevated above the propolis screen. This way the bees do not have access to the cloth where they migh chew through it or glue it to the propolis screen. 


Also, we supply the planer shavings needed to fill your quilt box. This is important because we do not supply simple sawdust. Sawdust can become compacted & hard and lose its insulating properties. We supply the shavings from our planer which remain "fluffy" and resist compaction for season after season. This provides maximum insulation and moisture absorption for years with no noticeable change in the wood shavings.