Screened Bottom Board - with Dual-Reversible Entrance & Mite Board

Weight 6.00 LBS
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Our Screened Bottom Board is made from 2.5cm (1") lumber. All joints are screwed & glued using Stainless Steel Screws and Titebond III Waterproof Glue.

Our screened bottom Boards use 8-mesh screening as the floor to facilitate mite drops onto the mite board below (included)

The Mite Board is made from corrugated plastic and inserts into a special rear channel. We affix 2 wooden slats to the mite board to isure the bees dont get accidentally trapped in the mite board area.

NEW FOR 2015!

We took our traditional design, and simply made a removable, reversible entrance. The traditional 1cm x 12 cm rectangular entrance will be the one that your bees will use most of the time. However, in times of nectar-dearth when hive robbing seems to be at a much higher risk, or when entering the fall/winter period when mice want to occupy the lower levels of your hive, we have made a 3-hole entrance to replace the traditional 1 x 12 entrance.  We’re not entirely sure yet, but we’re hoping this will keep out the larger European or Japanese Hornets.


The entrance insert is ever so slightly thinner than the other boards upon which the boxes rest. This means that there will be no weight on it whatsoever from the rest of the hive. This allows the beekeeper to slide it left or right, rotate it to the desired opening, then easily slide it back into position.

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Wow! Beautiful.
Written by Jason Murphy on 8th May 2016

I received my new sweet valley hive today and put it together, I am very please with this hive, I have other Warre hives and the attention to detail and functionality of this hive is top notch! I will be purchasing more. Very solid. Highly recommend.

My favorite bottom board
Written by Rhett on 11th Sep 2014

After comparing with the competition, I believe that this is the best bottom board on the market for the Warre. I won't go into detail since there are several areas that need to be addressed when making these types of comparisons. I will, however, say that this is a very high quality and durable hive component. The fit and finish meets my stringent expectations. And yes, I have purchased bottom boards from two other major companies who produce and/or specialize in Warre hives.