Set of 8 Top Bars with Wax Coated comb guides

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Why Sweet Valley Hives? This is why!!

These top bars are absolutely the key to our hives' success. Originally designed to encourage straight comb building (which worked wonderfully!), our top bars also help to unlock the gene that causes the "false-floor phenomenon" that tends to plague so many Warre Hives - and probably why other Warre dealers only sell 2-box constructs. 

In other words, in most Warre hives the bees will fill out the top box very quickly. In a matter of days they will have wax on all 8 top bars. They will completely fill the top box in a few short weeks, then mysteriously stop, not recognizing that the box below them is useable space. This can require manipulations like pulling a comb from the top box and placing it in the middle box, or simply accepting that your bees won't move down as quickly as you had hoped - and hoping they dont swarm in the mean time.

We believe with relative certainty OUR TOP BARS HAVE FIXED THIS!! Admittedly It was not our intent, but history is rife with great discoveries being made completely by accident!!


Dimensions of our Top Bars: 31.8 cm long, 2.2cm wide and 1cm thick.

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Natural Bee Keeping
Written by Buddy Bayne on 2nd Jul 2014

Great topbar frames. Because I am no longer able to lift full supers, I plan to "just keep bees" and move to a more natural approach like top-bar hives. Hives from SweetValley will be my next purchase.

Top Bars great
Written by Ronald Martinkosky on 14th May 2014

I received my top bars in a timely manner. They were packed well & the construction & waxing was spot on. Thank you.