Sugar Shim


Getting our bees through the winter can be nerve-wracking, especially if we are unsure of the quantity of food stores available for our girls. A popular technique for feeding in the winter involves placing a mound of dry sugar on top of the hive. Usually the sugar is placed on a sheet of newspaper or brown kraft paper. We took this idea a step further and developed a dedicated, reusable wooden box called the Sugar Shim. 


The sugar shim will hold 2-3 pounds of sugar and incorporates a 2cm internal border to keep the sugar in the feeding compartment and off the bees. The floor of the Sugar Shim has a unique chevron cutout that provides better access to the sugar for a bee cluster that is centered in the adjacent hive box. The floor also sits 1cm off the top bars allowing the girls the space to travel to the feeding compartment from anywhere in the hive box. 


Every Sugar Shim ships with its own propolis screen.