Warre Super


We believe we were the first to successfully introduce the concept of supering with a Warre hive AND offer a component that makes this possible. The topic of supering has been discussed frequently among Warre beeks but until now it was always discussed (or done) with respect to using a normal-sized Warre hive box. If you watch the video I'll explain why using a full Warre Hive box to super is not a good idea. We "super" in order to obtain small /manageable quantities of honey. You can't/won't get that from using a full-sized box.


Also, we generally recommend placing a super on after the bees have filled the top box. However, this past year (2017), we placed the super at the same time as we installed the bees. What we found is that the bees filled the top box First - ignoring the super - then went in to the super to fill it after the top box was completely filled with comb, honey, brood etc.