Warre Super

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The first & ONLY Warre Super (as far as we know). This super box actually performs 2 functions: First, it is a way to harvest honey by way of Supering as opposed to Naidiring. Secondly, it can serve as a dry-sugar feeding compartment for overwintering. The Warre Super comes with 8 Top bars with wax-coated comb guides, however, these top bars will not have the side legs like our regular top bars. Right now we recommend the Super for established hives, as it was not tested with new installations (We plan to do that this year).

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Super for the Sweet Valley Warre Hive
Written by Joseph J. Menkevich on 28th Apr 2018

I did purchase this accessory. I give it FIVE STARS for workmanship, however I would like to give this a second review for utility later in the 2018 season.

Great Products...always
Written by undefined on 25th Jan 2017

This is my second super I have purchased. Quality is never a question with Sweet Valley Hives.

So excited to try this.
Written by Alison Buttenheim on 12th Apr 2016

We have a SVH already and are "super" excited (sorry, couldn't resist) to try the Warre super. Chris has proven himself to be a thoughtful and skilled maker of hive equipment, and an innovator as well. The super is beautifully made, and based on his detailed explanations of his experiences with it on his website, I expect we will have great success with it. Affordable price fast shipping great support

Sweet Vally Warre Super Evaluation/Review
Written by Bobby Joe Sills on 30th Apr 2015

A very nice honey super, however handles were needed. **From Sweet Valley Hives - Handles HAVE been added to all Supers. Thank you Mr Sills for the suggestion!