Wax-Dipped Hives

Wax Dipping hives in a heated paraffin based solution is said to preserve hives indefinitely. Anyone who has ever finished their hives with Tung Oil, or something similar, would tell you that such finishes last only a season or two. After that, refinishing the hive while it is occupied with our girls becomes downright impossible.

The process involves a 3:1 mixture of paraffin & Microcrystalline wax heated to approximately 300F. We then dip the components for 10 minutes. The wax penetrates deep into the fibers of the wood where the microcrystalline component forms a permanent, molecular bond deep in the core of the wood. In effect, it is a preservative that will last.. well, we don't want to use the word forever... but let's just say a looooong time.

This process is fully searchable online and we encourage you to do as much reading on the topic as possible - and search out videos too! You will most likely encounter a few concerns about this process, but in the end we hope you find, like us, that the testimony of hundreds of beekeepers, dipping thousands of hives, over dozens of years substantiates the process of wax-dipping as a must-have for your hives.