Western Red Cedar Warre hive

Weight 50.00 LBS
Shipping $0.00

Western Red Cedar Warre Hive comes complete with:


Roof with Quilt Box - Sawdust included

2 Propolis screens

3 Hive boxes each one with windows and proprietary top bars with Beeswax-coated comb guides

Queen Ring (visible between 1st & 2nd box) with plug

Screened Bottom Board with Mite Board

All our hives are constructed with 2.5cm (Full 1") Cedar or Pine.

All joints are screwed & glued using Stainless Steel Screws and Titebond III waterproof glue

We will contact you with 24 hours to confirm your order.
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Product Reviews

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Hive review
Written by Tim Dearth on 15th May 2018

I already had a Warre hive from another supplier and had a package of bees coming in two weeks to install in it. After watching all the videos on the Sweet valley hive I had to get one of these. To my surprise it arrived at my house just a week after ordering it , and in time to install my new bees in it instead of the one I had. It was packaged well and arrived in perfect shape ready to stack together. I did put one coat of pure tung oil on it to keep it looking as beautiful as it arrived. Design and construction leaves nothing to be desired. While sticking to the original idea of a Warre hive Chris has added some useful upgrades. All in all my bees and I couldn't be happier with my new Sweet valley hive.

Western Red Cedar Warre hive
Written by Joseph J. Menkevich on 25th Apr 2018

Upon arrival, everything was perfect. This hive is a meticulous work of art that functions as a hive. Bees were installed 22 April 2018 and took to it immediately. The bees also chose not to touch the sugar water, but instead took to the air and are doing what bees do.

Very happy!
Written by Liberty on 28th Dec 2017

After an extensive search for exceptional Warre hives, I decided to purchase from Sweet Valley Hives. Before ordering, I watched several of the company’s online video tutorials and was thoroughly impressed by their attention to detail, quality hive upgrades and sincere dedication to honey bee preservation. I also wanted hives that would last. My purchase of their paraffin-dipped cedar hives is an investment in something that will withstand the elements and look great for many years to come. As for professionalism, Sweet Valley Hives ticks all the boxes. Communication before and after product shipping was superb. And when I noticed that a small part of my hive purchase had incurred damage during shipping, Chris replaced it quickly to ensure that my order was perfect. The hives are gorgeous, and the people who make them are courteous and thoroughly professional. What more can I ask? Thank you for such an excellent product. As I expand my apiary each year, I will continue purchasing from Sweet Valley Hives. Liberty Taylor Tallahassee, FL

Love My New Hives
Written by Stephen Hopper on 4th Nov 2017

Very Happy to report that my new Hives have arrived! Excellently crafted with solid construction and wonderfully attractive to boot. I’m looking forward to many, many years of use.

Written by Scott on 12th Jul 2016

Would highly recommend this hive to any newbie or experienced bee keeper. I'm new to the bee keeping community and Chris was patient, answered all my questions, and went out of his way to get me hive right as he was ending his manufacturing for summer. Awesome service and the hive arrived as promised with excellent workmanship and quality.

I'm worried that the bees won't want to leave!
Written by undefined on 3rd May 2016

My bees couldn't wait to move in. Everything was delivered as described. All of the boxes came fully assembled so all I needed to do was stack them up...no assembly required.

Love my beautifully crafted warré hive
Written by Greg Paton on 12th Apr 2016

Chris as amazing throughout the whole purchase process. Excellent communication and customer service, could not ask for more from . My complete Warré hive was delivered last week and exceeded all my expectations. Loaded my 3# package of bees yesterday and they are loving their Taj Mahal. Every piece is precision cut and each component matches each other perfectly. Put one coat of BEHR Premium Cedar Naturaltone Transparent Weatherproofing Wood Finish by on it and the cedar grain looks stunning. All of the enhancements to the hive make it perfect for this first time beek!! I appreciate the timely communication from Chris throughout the process as well. I feel like we are part of the Sweet Valley Hive Family. I will order from this great family run business again!

Great craftsmanship
Written by John O'Neill on 10th Apr 2016

My complete Warre with extra super was delivered today and meets all my expectations. Well worth the wait and will be ready for one of my 4# packages on the 23rd. Every piece is precision cut and each component matches each other perfectly. Put my first coat of Tung Oil on it and the cedar grain just pops the eye.I appreciate the timely communication from Chris throughout the process. I will order from these great folks again!

Love the hive!
Written by undefined on 14th Mar 2016

I really love the hive, all of the features seem to be well designed, can't wait to get my first package of bees! Would have given it a 5 star rating, but I was missing 8 of the 24 Top Bars. I have contacted Sweet Valley and will see how the customer service is. ** From Sweet Valley Hives - Oops! We goofed! Additional set of Top Bars were sent the very next Business Day. Can we get a 4.5?

Beautiful Design
Written by Doug on 13th Mar 2016

I am tremendously pleased with the Western Red Wood Hive. The craftsmanship is flawless and meticulously carried out. The design is creative and certainly should lend itself to promoting the use of "the people's hive" in an era where backyard beekeeping is becoming more and more a necessity. I applaud Chris Kohl for his wonderful mission and the dedication that he has to Emil Warre's concepts. This no doubt is a phenomenal step in the effort to preserve the honey bee and pollination.

beautifully crafted warré hive.
Written by zee on 18th Feb 2016

i considered making my own hive, as i have some limited wood working experience, and hesitant to purchase things i can make myself. however, as i have too many projects already in my life, i opted to purchase a hive. i'm a detail oriented person and am easily put off by shoddy goods and i couldn't be happier. the hive is 'screwed and glued' using stainless steel wood screws, which should prove more than adequate for longevity. the red cedar smells so nice in my office where i unboxed it. i'm very familiar with the construction of a warré hive, having researched and downloaded numerous plans around the internet. the upgrades that chris has added to the warré design are well thought out and implemented. in addition to the beautiful hive itself the youtube series is pretty great, explaining the details of the hive. it should be noted that the hive i got actually has a couple additional upgrades from the one shown in the video, namely, (1) the integrated pest management (IPM) board now fits into a slot on the back of the hive base rather than sitting on the hive stand. this is an important upgrade for me, as my hive stand supports only the edges of the hive, so when my IPM board is out, things the bees drop can fall all the way out onto the ground. the IPM board in the old configuration would have simply fallen through the hole. (2) the hive boxes no longer allow the end grain of the frames to show on the outside of the box. while the initial design in the video shows how you can grab the frames easily from the outside of the box, my experience tells me that exposed end grain like that is likely to be a liability, collecting moisture and easily split when putting the load on it needed to crack the frame from the box. the notches chris calls the positive bee space technology (PBS) still exist, but they reside on a shelf inside the box, protecting the ends of the hive bars. to be clear, i'm only speculating as to why this change was made. the bottom line is that you're not going to find a better warré hive for sale. frankly, i can't think of a way to improve this hive, so while i could build it myself, i'd only be replicating what chris has done. add to that the astronomical cost of red cedar, and this is a very good deal on a very good product.

Very well made!
Written by undefined on 23rd Jan 2016

Love the hive. Chris kept in contact with product. Excellent Job making hive!

Will buy more hives when needed!
Written by Chris on 25th Mar 2015

Extremely well build user friendly hive. On top of that chris from sweet valley hives was very helpful with any questions I had. Can wait for my bees to build a larger colony so I can buy more gives!!

great looking hive
Written by Wayne McQuain on 3rd Mar 2015

received my hive in perfect condition. can't wait to use it. I will be getting my bees in a couple of months and hope they like the hive as much as I do. thanks for great service.

I want more, more, more
Written by Seven Sisters Apiary on 13th Feb 2015

I have two of these hives and will be ordering more. I love them, they are beautiful. Though not necessary in some locations, I live in the desert so I put a tung oil finish on one, and a teak oil finish on the other one. Now they are PERFECT. The engineering improvements made by Sweet Valley Hives, to the traditional Warre hive are simple and brilliant. Please buy some of these hives. You will be so happy with them.

The added features of your Warre Hive are impressive
Written by Mike Ryan on 16th Dec 2014

I have to wait till spring to install bees but at first blush the Warre Hive with the added features you've come up with do add to the overall quality of a Warre Hive. I'm looking forward to installing bees this Spring

Great Hive
Written by Linda and Jerry Grubbs on 19th Oct 2014

We were very pleased with the craftsmanship of the hive and the customer service was the best. Emails were answered promptly and all questions answered. Very well packed for shipping. Great instructions included especially nice since this is our first hive. We would certainly do business with Sweet Valley Hives again. Great people!

A Cut Above the Rest
Written by Clyde Dildine on 19th May 2014

I did a lot of research on the various vendors who make Warre hives before I bit the bullet and bought one. The hive from Sweet Valley Hives was definitely a cut above the other high quality hives. The extra features, quality of materials and craftsmanship came at a very competitive price. A bargain in my view. I will definitely buy another next year.

Written by Scott on 1st May 2014

High quality and WAY easy to set up and manage. I can't wait to get my next hive.

One of the best Warre hive!
Written by Matthew on 22nd Apr 2014

This is on of the best Warre Hive I have found on the market. Hive is by fare the best well thought out in design. Ordering is a breeze, a very good web site and this hive will make my bees be happyl

Written by Christopher Johnson on 15th Apr 2014

I received my two Warre hives in two days from the ship date. Boxes were extremely well packed, with no resulting damage. Instructions were terrific and all pieces were found. The construction is very very nice quality, and I am looking forward to seeing the looks on the girls faces when I introduce them to their new homes next week. Well done Chris and gang. Look for more orders soon!

Sweet Vally Hives
Written by Bobby Joe Sills, MSgt, USAF (Retired) Hoppist Beekeeper (BeeSills) on 9th Apr 2014

I received two Warre Hives from Sweet Valley Hives this week, put them in my apiary, then stood back to admire them. All they need are the Mountain Grey Caucasian honey bees coming next month. My thanks goes out to Chris Kohl for making these outstanding hives.

Written by Shirley on 13th Mar 2014

I could not be more pleased with this hive. The workmanship is great, and the hive itself is such a terrific design (love the tweaks that Sweet Valley Hives added to the Warre plan.)

Beautiful Hives!
Written by Robn in KS on 13th Mar 2014

I am new at 'raising bees' and couldn't be happier with these hives. I love the modifications and the quality is excellent. It is obvious that a lot of time and effort went into the production and it shows in all the detail work. I appreciate that all needed components are included in one package so I didn't have to worry about buying add-ons later. The boxes were packaged well and arrived with no problems. (My kids thank you for the big boxes that have provided hours of fun!) I love supporting family-owned, American businesses and this is one that I will gladly order from in the future! Thank you!